FPQ14S20 Hydraulic Rail Bending Device

FPQ14S20 Hydraulic Rail Bending Device

Hydraulic rail bending machine is a special manual hydraulic tool for bending (or straightening) the rails with various types below 43kg/m~75kg/m in horizontal directions on the track. The main frame is welded with special steel with advantage of reliable performance. It can carry out bending (or straightening) operation not only on track but also under track to ensure traffic safety. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, convenient disassembly and so on.

Main Technical Parameters 

Max straightening force


Rated straightening force 600kN
Hydraulic system working pressure 52MPa
Piston working diameter × stroke  Φ 70 × 70
 Pump diameter × stroke

Φ 14 × 40

No-load efficiency 1.6mm /time
Straightening rail volume

≥ 3mm

Machine weight 89kg
Overall size 830 × 720 × 350mm